Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today I hike

One of the goals that I added to my list is "30-minutes exercise". My arthritis program calls for this rather small commitment just three days a week. Three other days I do my specific arthritis exercises, which I do at home in only about 15 minutes.

Sometimes getting out on the street for 30 minutes can be really painful. But I've been doing rather well that way lately. So I am going to take a smallish easy hike, in Atascadero. I like varying the hikes I take and I hope to be able to build enough endurance and pain-free times to do more challenging hikes again. In the meantime I am happy to find the easy ones and just want to finish without limping, when possible.

Although I have done fairly well in following this program I find that having a box to check that accumulates points (!), as in Joesgoals, really stimulates me to get it done. And that makes me feel good.


mary007 said...

That is a great goal. With your arthrites, it can't be easy. You really are a go getter, belive it!!

Judith said...

Thank you Mary!!