Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to the commandments

I decided to go back to working on my commandments, to think about what phrases and thoughts have stuck with me over the years. I came to this:

In my young adult years I wanted to be known. In particular I harbored visions of playing the piano on a stage. If not music, then writing. I would make my name with words.

One day I asked my stepmother Elizabeth what she wanted from life, for my dreams were huge.

"To love and be loved", she said. She had also, on other occasions, described herself as the one who applauds, the audience, saying it was her role.

I simply did not believe her. I thought she was glorifying an act I would describe as "settling". She had pushed down her own dreams and convinced herself that being an audience and loving and being loved were enough.

I now see that she didn't settle.

I honestly believe that to love and be loved is huge. I suspect that many who have found fame would want nothing more than, would trade it all, to love and be loved.

I have changed it a little to make it a commandment:

3. Be open to loving and being loved.

So far, then:

1. Be Judy

2. Act As If

3. Be open to loving and being loved.


Elaine Vigneault said...

I like "act as if" and I may add it to my own commandments. It's a good idea :)

Judith said...

Thank you! I like taking each other's when they apply.