Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Nature

I went to the Leaning Pine Arboretum at Cal Poly yesterday. My primary aim was to get in my 30 minutes of exercise, and I worried that it might prove difficult in such a small garden (about 5 acres, about 1/2 mile around).

Fortunately I brought my camera. This way I could cut across trails and go onto side paths to add more to the length of the trek, and I could stop to smell the roses. To take pictures.

I am not a fan of roses. And there were none there that I could see. But I do love a lot of other plants. and this one, the one above, really got to me. Not only is it a most interesting looking bloom, but those leaves! Geometrically designed, yet curling in that most happy way. This could almost be a happiness symbol.

Being outside near natural beauty always energizes and cheers me. I feel lifted and fulfilled. If this isn't happiness I don't know what is.
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Senia said...

Very neat geometric pattern.

Am really enjoying that you're seeking beauty. You might have "appreciation of beauty" in your top strengths.... you can take the assessment at the website of a mentor of mine, Martin Seligman: take the "Signature Strengths Questionnaire" to learn your strengths.

Senia from

Judith said...
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Judith said...

Thanks, Senia! I will look into those.

For some reason a previous post of mine, in another journal, ended up here instead of this one! I hope this one goes where it should.