Sunday, September 16, 2007

On A Quest For Happiness

I'm excited to get started on this project, too. I just recently took this quiz from the Happy Planet Index and confirmed my suspicions that my life could use cheering up. Take the quiz yourself, it's really interesting: Click here >>

So, I'm on a quest to improve my happiness level.

I can tell you for certain that wealth does not buy happiness. I have experienced life on $6000 per year and I have experienced life over $200,000 a year and the money did not make me happy. Happiness simply cannot be bought. Money can make some things in life easier, but happiness comes from somewhere else...

I know, however, from personal experience that regular physical exercise is one of the things that helps make me happy. When I do not exercise, I am a cranky, moody, mean person. I am not happy and people around me are not happy either.

This project sounds like fun and I'm excited to get started!

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Judith said...

I think it will be cool if we feed off each other's ideas. I'm glad you're part of this!