Friday, September 21, 2007

Symbol of Trust

Squirrel - Symbol of Trust, Preparedness
The Squirrel is the sentinel of the home. He will watch each member of the family and warn them if there is a problem within the family.
The squirrel is energetic in its work and play, and always ensures the future is well prepared for. The squirrel is a symbol of trust and is one of the few animals that will eat out of a person's hand. Learn from the squirrel to establish trust where you find it lacking.
Totem Lesson: energy in work and play!

That was taken directly from the website in the link. I think trusting in yourself has a lot to do with being happy. We seem to ignore our intuitions, as well as talk ourselves out of our own fablulous ideas.
I am really going to work on that with myself, and trust what my gut is telling me, because I belive that little voice in our heads is certainly there for a reason.


Judith said...

What a great symbol! And I think your insight is excellent.

susy zelaya said...

Yesterday, 8-22-2009, my frie4nd found a baby squirrel at the base of a redwood tree, about 5 weeks along his eyes still shut. I found a recipe for water/salt/sugar to keep him alive, he chatters and responds to my mothering touch. He is a wild animal but loves when I play my guitar he moves and stretches, he must love it. I hope his mommy comes find him. Today is sunday so the animal rescue cant be contacted til tomorrow. If there's no tomorrow for this tiny life, or if he can survive, then my pride is exalted and my consciousness raised.

catharsis said...

Thank you. A description which resonates through this period i am going through. It was very helpful as a squirrel just ran by my front porch. Now i just saw a magpie land in front which i take as a sign that i should transcend duality to reach the intuition you were talking about. Bless you.