Monday, September 17, 2007

Life Symbol

Gretchen suggests that we begin by choosing a symbol for ourselves and our happiness project. She chose a bluebird - bluebird of happiness, ya know.

I like birds, too. In fact, whenever I listen to the birds trilling outside I feel a sense of joy welling up inside me. I can't help but believe that they sing because they like it, it makes them feel good. So a singing bird, even a cawing bird, would make for me a good symbol as well.

I have long been intrigued by birds that sing in the middle of the night. That is really symbolic, I think. I don't care if it's mating season and they want a leg up. I love it. So my bird, my symbol, is the mockingbird.


Kim said...

Mockingbirds are mean critters that dive bomb the cats. Blue Jays, too.

Judith said...

I have no problem with mockingbirds being mean. They are what they are, and it works for them. In any case, one person's "mean" is another person's "assertive", I suspect!

I could learn something from this part of the mockingbird as well.